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emmi®-dent-Metallic sötétkék - WC Poker

emmi®-dent-Metallic sötétkék - WC Poker

92,44 EUR *

emmi®-dent Metallic - Basis Set Dark Blue - World Cup Poker
150 QP

The anticipation for the 2018 World Cup in Russia is huge! The national team of Germany has made a great job in the qualification games for the 2018 World Cup in Russia and soon we will all enjoy the football games!

Feel free to join us and save money with the sensational emmi® ultrasonic offer! Just in time before the start of the 2018
Cup in Russia, emmi® ultrasonic is entering in the tournament with an offensive and increasable lap by lap emmi®-dent offer strategy.

With the first kick-off of the tournament in our online shop available:

emmi®-dent Metallic Set Dark Blue for a sensational and unbeatable price of: € 110,00!!!

Furthermore, emmi® ultrasonic will decrease lap by lap the prices per qualifying round by € 10.00 each as follows:

  • Germany is reaching the round of 16th: € 100,00
  • Germany is reaching the quarterfinal: € 90,00
  • Germany is reaching the semi-final: € 80,00
  • Germany is reaching the final: € 70,00
  • World Cup victory Germany: € 60,00 *)
  • *) until July 18th 2018
  • The ball in the photo is not included.
  • In
    case of a premature elimination of our German national team from the tournament, the price will be raised up to our regular recommended retail price of € 129,90.

* Az árak nem tartalmazzák a Szállítási költség-et és az esetleges vámot

emmi®-dent Metallic - Basic Set Darkblue - WC Poker
150 QP
The smart brush head makes it all possible

The ultrasound is generated by the worldwide patented Piezo-Chip in the brush head. Each minute up to 96 million air oscillations are directly introduced to the ultrasonic toothpaste. Nano-bubbles clean your teeth thoroughly and take care of your gums without the need of brushing. Beautiful smooth teeth are the result. Bacteria are removed and the oral cavity remains fresh also a long time after cleaning.

Clinically tested by the University of Witten-Herdecke - Germany.

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Peter Gängler – CEO oral medical department of the University Witten-Herdecke:
  • "Unique dental cleaning without any brushing"
  • "Removes the biofilms of the tooth plaque certain and thoroughly"
  • "Completely prevents the risk of abrasive damage to teeth and roots"
  • "Especially recommended for sensitive teeth"
  • "Avoids gum injuries by abrasion-free application"
  • "Supports the reduction of gingivitis with regular use"
  • "Cleans teeth thoroughly and spares the gums without brushing"
  • "No damage to dental enamel"
"The motionless dental care prevents tooth and gum irritations through a gentle application".

As usual, for the cleaning of interdental spaces we recommend tools such as dental floss, interdental brushes and also mouth rinsing solutions.

emmi®-dent – Innovative dental cleaning without scrubbing.
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Az emmi-dent Fresh fogkrém összetevői 

• Aqua - Wasser • Hydrated Silica – Kieselgel (Siliziumdioxid) 
• Sorbitol – Sorbitol (Sorbit) 
• Propylene Glycol – Propylen-Glykol 
• Tetraprotassium Pyrophosphate – Tetraprotassium Pyrophosphat 
• Xanthan Gum – Xanthan (E415) 
• Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate – Natrium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonat 
• Mentha Arvensis Leaf Oil – Öl aus Blättern der Ackerminze - Aromastoff
• Sodium Fluoride – Natriumfluorid 
• CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide) – Titandioxid (E171) 
• Sodium Saccharin – Natrium-Saccharin 
• Allantoin – Allantoin 
• Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract – Kamillenblüten Extrakt - Aromastoff 
• Salvia Triloba Leaf Extract – Sagenblätter Extrakt - Aromastoff 
• Sodium Methylparaben – Natrium Methylparaben 

Gluténmentes, nem tartalmaz nanorészecskéket és mikromű anyagokat.