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Emmi-0.0.7. - Replacement Blades

Emmi-0.0.7. - Replacement Blades

€13.36 *

Emmi-0.0.7. Replacement Blades 

18 QP 
Special Launch Price 

• 6 blades + 1 trimmer 
• Optimized 30° angle 
• Integrated protection system 

The precise arrangement of the six blades and the additional gel stripe on the head of the razor provides a gentle and safe shave. 

The trimmer blade helps trimming tight spaces very precisely. 

4 Emmi-0.0.7. Replacement Blades 

An even better result is achieved by using the new Emmi-0.0.7. shaving lotion with its special moisture formula. 

Emmi-0.0.7. - Extremely sharp, extremely thorough, extremely gentle.

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